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At Green Quarter Consulting, serving White Rock, Langley and Surrey, BC, we strive to be experts in our fields of accounting and bookkeeping and we feel that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our clients well informed and kept up-to-date on accounting trends, technologies and industry insights.



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  • Proprietorship vs Corporation - Which is Best for Small Businesses

Should my Small Business in BC be a Proprietorship or a Corporation? There is a significant legal distinction between a proprietorship and a corporation - find out pros and cons for your small business...

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  • CRA to Improve Services for Small Businesses


  • AI & Cloud Accounting – What Impact?

In the accounting industry I think we can all agree that we're already experiencing incredible leaps in technology; bots, Apps and cloud accounting solutions potentially make it easier than ever for small business owners to manage their accounting and bookkeeping tasks with the efficiency of large companies...

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  • Job Costing Explained

Job costing is gathering the costs of materials, labour and overhead for a specific project. This approach is an excellent tool for tracing specific costs to individual jobs in order to invoice your customer as well as evaluation for quoting comparable future projects...

Read the full article here: Job Costing for Company Accounts - Only as Effective as How Accurate the Set Up Is!


  • How to Pay for Casual Labour & Account for it Correctly

Let’s be Clear - You might have used Casual Labour before, but don’t try it now! Casual labour in Canada was and is generally defined as the performance of a service to or for a Company on a temporary or part-time basis...

Read the full article here: How to Pay Casual Labour and How to Enter Casual Labour into the Company Accounts


  • The History of Accounting - Those Clever Egyptians!

It may come as a surprise to learn that early accounting came into place before we had actual money! The earliest acknowledged forms of accounting started in Ancient Egypt where bookkeepers kept meticulous records of the inventory of goods kept in royal storehouses...

Read the full article here: Accounting & Bookkeeping's Early Origins










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